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Located in Marietta, Champions Training Center provides several fitness programs including personal training, general group fitness classes, sports specific training for softball and baseball players, and kids classes.

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Love working with these two! Great job today guys!
Good luck to my ginger training partner _trishwassy . I am so proud of you and how far you have come
Best teammates in the world! _trishwassy _jessnatch _klink1019 _lemiller105  love you guys.jpg
How Payton feels towards the end of her training day.jpg
#allthefeels this girl _obese_2straightbeasting  got her first step up on a 20inch box today. Then 1
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Today's WOD__20 min amrap_20 Dumbell push press_20 burpee box overs with dB_1x 90 ft prowler push __


#allthefeels this girl _obese_2straightbeasting  got her first step up on a 20inch box today. Then 1

Personal Training

Personal Training sessions are a great way to address your goals, assess your personal deficiencies and imbalances, push you to your limits, and personalize the workouts specific to you.

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Little League

M-Th 4pm-9pm
Sun 3pm-6pm

Strength and Conditioning of our Softball players focuses on core strength, leg drive, shoulder health and flexibility. We utilize plyometrics, olympic weightlifting,functional movement screening, and cross-training to prepare our athletes to play at the highest level. We work with ages 10-22 in small groups and team training sessions.

Love working with these two! Great job today guys!

Our Group Fitness Classes allow people of all fitness levels push themselves within their level of ability with the guidance of an educated trainer. Our classes combine strength training, cardio, and bodyweight movements to get a killer workout all in one hour.

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